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Step It Up

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

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Our school year is off to an AWESOME start, which is why we are SO excited to invite all of you to participate in our Step It Up! Fundraiser. On September 26th your child will be receiving information on our Step it Up Fundraising that includes a GOLDEN TICKET!

Our STEP IT UP fundraiser will help with funding Classroom supplies and learning tools. In addition to:

  1. RCA House Support

  2. Technology Needs

  3. School Enhancement

  4. Professional Development

Below you will find a link. It will take you to our school’s fundraiser website where you can set up your child’s Personal Donation page and invite your friends and family to join our efforts by sending them a donation invitation.

This entire fundraiser can be completed in TEN MINUTES OR LESS. Once you have sent at least 10 donation invitations please sign the Golden Ticket your student brought home and have your child return it to school to be part of the fun! Every donation big or small will help our school. Please help us reach 100% participation, so that we can continue to fund and support our students’ bright and amazing.

For any questions, please Contact Us.

​Thank you!

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